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Jomaa’s Pizza and Chicken – What Makes Great Fast Food?

A notion of fast food being done fast and tasting just good to satisfy hunger has long been a foundation of a belief in North American culture. Thus the saying, if you want to eat fast, order the fast food, if you want the quality and taste, go to a restaurant.

Jomaa’s Pizza and Chicken has challenged this notion, of fast food being less tasty and just doing the job of filling up the hunger (thus the name fast food). We have brought in and developed quality recipes and dishes that have been served on our tables for generations. We only used quality ingredients and made sure no corners were cut when cooking and preparing our dishes. So while our fast food is served the fast, you will always have a great taste and a good selection of dishes to select from our fast food menu.

And most importantly, we have added the secret ingredient to every dish we prepare, love. The love of cooking great food with passion, the satisfaction of having our dishes eaten to the last bite and the great feedback we receive from each of our patrons, whether you order online, pick up in store or sit and eat at one of our tables.

So whatever you craving (be in Jomaa’s great tasting pizza, Jomaa’s Donair, Donair Wrap, Putine, Fries, Chicken or one of Jomaa’s Subs), please come in or order online and you will discover yourself why we have been a favorite fast food destination for over thirty years.

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    Pizza, Chicken and Donairs

    Fast food to satisfy your hunger. Select from our delicious pizzas, mouth watering donair made just right, chicken, subs, pasta, salads and side dishes. Order on line or try one of our daily specials ...

  • Fast Hot Delivery or Walk-In Specials

    The Donair Made to Perfection

    Craving for some tasty mouthwatering food? Why not try one of our mouth watering donairs made just for you?

  • Fast Hot Delivery or Walk-In Specials

    The Best Chicken You Ever Tasted ...

    Tired of same old chicken you have eaten elsewhere? You have came to the right place. Try our chicken wings made to perfection and taste the Jomaa's Difference...

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    We Make a Great Food

    Whether you craving for a best tasting pizza, a mouth-watering donair, a poutine that will please even most discerning food critic or you are looking for something quick on a go like a sub, chicken, fries, salads or variety of other entrees, Jomaa’s Pizza and Chicken has something for you.

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